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BSIA Members Want Equality And Diversity

Aug 1, 2010
3rd December is the International Day of Disabled People and many organisations and groups use the day as an opportunity to find out how disabled people fare within their own ranks. The British Security Industry Association is one such group to have undertaken this role as they surveyed their own members regarding their take on disability, equality, and matters of diversity within the security workforce. The results were somewhat mixed although appear to be largely positive about the industry as a whole.

Overall, the figures make for grim reading for those people that suffer from a disability. Around 46% of those with a disability were in work in 2012 while the much higher 76% of non-disabled people were in work at this time. While there is a large gap between the two groups of people this gap has shrunk significantly over the years. In fact the gap is now 5.8% less than it was ten years ago in 2002. Additional questions attempted to further probe respondents regarding their own opinions and those of their employers.

70% of the people questioned felt that there was not enough awareness of disabilities and the opportunities that exist for people with a disability. Just over 62% of respondents said that the company they work for currently employs somebody with a disability though. An impressive 96% believe that the management team of their company takes the issues of diversity and equality importantly according to the conversations and the statements made by the company.

42% of respondents believe that the biggest and most difficult challenge facing those with a disability is the fact that there are not suitable positions for them. 34% believe it is a lack of understanding which means that disabled people are not aware of the existence of certain positions that do exist within organisations. Positions do exist and it is possible for those with disabilities to find gainful, full time employment within the security industry. The BSIA survey shows that diversity and equality are important to BSIA trade union members as well as to organisations.

The British Security Industry Association is the trade association for the security industry in the UK. Members deal with the manufacture, distribution, and operation of security equipment as well as the fulfilment of various security related posts in industries across the country. The group also lobbies members of parliament and other key figures to help bring about change and this disability survey is one of many studies carried out by the organisation in order to help ensure that the security industry is one that operates fairly and with equality.

There are jobs available in the security industry for those that suffer from disabilities but, according to this recent survey, it seems likely that not many people are aware of the existence of such posts. A lot of respondents also believed that while the company they worked for employed somebody with a disability there was still a lack of suitable and gainful positions within the industry.
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