Camcorders and spotting scopes


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Has anyone tried this? I have just purchased a spotting scope and a mount to secure my camcorder to the eye piece. The problem is I just can't get the focus to sync. I have gone to manual focus on the camcorder and set it so that the view just touches the extremes of the scopes field of view but unfortunately I'm just about touching the digital zoom. Should I take out the eye piece from the scope (this adjusts the zoom) so that the camcorder is closer to the scope? If it won't work then no problem, but all help/experience appreciated....!


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Tight arsed git. You're supposed to give Pyser-SGI around £4k and buy a proper one.

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1) Try unscrewing the eyepiece from 'scope. Then use a couple of toilet roll inserts, one inside the other, to make a telescopic tube that may, if you're lucky, hit the right point of focus when you offer up the camcorder. then build one from piece of plastic pipe.

2) Have a word with an outfit called Griturn-SRB : SRB Photographic | Camera Supplies |

3) Your 'scope probably has similar eyepiece to that used on telescopes. Try fishing around either specialist astronomy suppliers or the bird watching, twitching fraternity for specialist camera adaptors.

....can I have my Blue Peter badge now ?

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I took this rather crude pic with my hand held camcorder and a cheap telescope with the eyepiece in. Not sure but if you leave the eyepiece out you wont get near enough to the mirror. Lots of videos on you tube.
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