Cameras placement for new installation


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Hi everybody!

I am building my new house and it is time to tell the electrician where the cameras for the CCTV system are going to be placed. Using the attached renders, can you tell me what would be the ideal position for the cameras, marking it on the images?

Thanks in advance!


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Install CCTV in every entry point such as the front, back, and garage doors since these are common targets of burglars. The yard is also an excellent place to install CCTV it will help you to keep an eye outside of your house. You can also install CCTV inside your home such as a hallway, stairs, in your kid's room, etc.
Well, how many CCTV cameras do you want to place? I suggest you place cameras on all sides unless you can tell the entry point of a burglar. Mainly, install in the front and the back. At my home, I've installed CCTV cameras on all sides. And I believe, that's really helped me, so far. Cameras are really doing good and, let me know of whatever happens. Is really recording well!
Ensuring a CCTV system has no "black spots" is crucial for comprehensive security. Start with a site survey to identify potential blind spots and high-risk areas. Use a mix of fixed, PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom), and wide-angle cameras to maximize coverage. Place cameras at different heights and angles, ensuring their fields of view overlap to eliminate blind spots. Be mindful of obstructions and lighting conditions; opt for cameras that can adapt to different light levels. Regularly review and test the setup to maintain effectiveness. Proper planning and strategic camera placement are key to a fully monitored space.