Cameron And Obama To Discuss Cyber Security During Working Lunch

Prime Minister David Cameron is to enjoy a working lunch with US President Barrack Obama, as the pair prepare to discuss the rising problem of cyber security as well as the recent Paris attacks. An official from the Whitehouse described Britain as a uniquely close ally, and said that the two would have a working lunch where they would discuss security problems including the rising tide of cyber terrorism, including the recent hacking of Central Command’s Twitter and YouTube accounts, along with the Paris atrocities that saw 17 killed, including a number of journalists for satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

British intelligence is preparing to release a report that highlights the massive challenges faced by UK businesses, predominantly concerned with cyber terrorism carried out against organisations. The report will include information on how to identify cyber-attacks carried out by foreign powers, and how to take action in order to help prevent such attacks. Hacker groups have recently become more prominent, especially following something of a cyber-war between the US and North Korea amid the hacking of US based media company Sony and the subsequent Internet outage suffered in North Korea, where the Sony hack is believed to have originated.

Mr Cameron is likely to discuss the communications data bill; a bill that was vetoed by the Liberal Democrats and that would have allowed the government to view the Internet and online communication history of any terror suspect in the country, and that the Prime Minister has said would be at the top of the agenda if his party were to gain an overall majority at the next general election.

Central Command, which is a part of the US military that is concerned with operations in countries where conflict is most likely to take place, saw their Twitter and YouTube accounts hacked this month. The attack claimed to have been instigated by the CyberCaliphate, a group with ties to Islamic State and included a Tweet that read “We won’t stop! We know everything about youâ€.

The Pentagon said that although the incident was embarrassing, it did not represent a security threat and both accounts were quickly suspended. The timing was considered embarrassing, because it coincided with Obama making a speech about cyber security, and announcing big plans to help shore up the cyber terrorism threat. Although the timing may not have been ideal, it will have helped to gain support and recognition for the fact that cyber security is a major issue, especially as one of the Tweets included contact details of senior US military figures.

The UK government is set to launch a report that details the level of the threat that is faced by UK businesses, and that highlights some of the potential changes and the actions that can be taken to help prevent malicious software from getting a hold of systems and to stop terrorist and other groups from being able to access IT systems and the information that is stored on them.