Can DS do RST

Covert Munkey

Reaching out in the hope of some clarity on certain post I’ve seen in relation to RST and the relevant licence to work such role.

I have will continue to remain under the impression this is a CP role (I’m happy to stand corrected) based on the principle that you are being employed to protect a person/family and their assets/property.

Ive seen quite a few adverts allowing DS license holders to apply for such a role, is this allowed?

What the views from the experienced operators in the room?
RST is a CP role. Full stop! Those who don’t understand that shouldn’t be in the business & those who consider it to acceptable to put DS on an RST job are not only as I just said, but also doing the client a disservice.

Thoughts & comments … ??
Yeah but fuk no. RST is a great job, some CP get a grand a week at it and all power to them but a 4 day course in DS cant do RST.
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