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Hi to you all.

With all the experience that is out there can you please inform me which car DVR system you use in your vehicles .
If possible a HD front and rear camera would be great and the option to keep recording while I am away from the vehicle.
Have seen so many on certain selling wed sites but would be great to hear from professionals who use these in their job.
As always I know you get what you paid for but would like not to get another mortgage to pay for one if possible.

Best regards and stay safe.


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Got to laugh,in the early days of gadgets and keeping records (not for youtube exposure etc)we had a recording device set up in the pes vehicle following the boss in a d plate car ,it wasnt till we got back to the d house we were analizing the footage and realized the young lady guest of the boss was facing us and was higher than the back of the bosses head and moving around quite a bit,!figure it out.


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Talk to Vis, he has one of the best systems on the market right now, and he's bloody quick about getting back to you too!!!


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I use this great bit of kit through the front only with a piece of polarised sun glass lens to help prevent the glare. It does have AV out but I have rarely used it. Easy set up software.

For front and back buy 2:)

This is the developers ebay site. There are UK sellers.

Mobius ActionCam Full HD Sports Camera 1080P 30FPS 720P 60FPS Pocket Camcorder | eBay

Order the 3 metre USB cable for routing through the car lining.

They have also introduced a separate lens with a longer cable length so the lens can be even better hidden although I think it is small enough on its own.

Footage is HD. Colour is superb (and adjustable) and can be left running when engine off although I do not do that and internal battery lasts around 80 minutes if you have one of those cars that kills the cig lighter when you take the keys out.


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Hi Andy,

I use two Panasonic SDR-H100 cameras which have a 78x optical zoom. I record onto the hard drive and on occasions I have used one to cover the big picture and the other to zoom in for mid shots / identification shots of the subject(s). I could connect one into the cigar lighter socket in the rear of my van and run it non stop for about 19 hours. I am guessing as I have not done this and departed my van because I think I would require a CCTV Licence from the SIA (a point for discussion I'm sure).

I do not use cameras in fixed positions in my vehicle although I occasionally black tac one of my cameras to the dashboard and press record! This works for me, crude but effective.

Good luck............Nippy


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Nippy & Rhea's solution are fine...but..

I prefer a good, SD MDVR, with 4 channels, realtime, full time, recording, with GPS and vehicle behavior infor. (Braking, accelerating, left, right, etc.). There ARE options for 3g & wifi, but keep it simple.

Cameras can be permanent, covert, fitted into wingmirrors, brake light, rear view mirror etc, or temporary. Coat hangar, coffee mug, tissue box, etc, or small, overt, but discreet.

I tend to build mine as a deployable kit, that can be moved from car to car, or be deployed totally separately as a stand alone kit for perimeter / residence, etc.

Give me a call :)