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Cash and Valuables in Transit Training with GuardWatch Training

Jan 8, 2014
In order to start a career in being a Cash and Valuables in Transit Officer you will need to complete a course that is endorsed by the SIA (Security Industry Authority) on completion of this course you will then be able to apply for your licence and start your new career. In order to obtain an SIA licence you will need to show that you are trained to the right level. This applies to front line staff only.
The duration of the course is a minimum 26 hours; this is covered over 3 days. On the course there will be two modules that you must complete, at the end of each of the modules there will be an exam that you must pass in order to be approved by the SIA, the Course modules are as follows;

Module 1
• Fire Safety Awareness
• Emergency Procedures
• The Private Security Industry
• Awareness of the Law in the Private Security Industry
• Health and Safety for the Private Security Operative
• Communication Skills and Customer Care
Module 2
Cash and Valuables in Transit Specialist Module (16 hours)
• Cash Transportation - Industry Induction
• Cash and Valuables - Transportation Industry Operations
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