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Nov 8, 2007
We were told in the misty past that close circuit telly will solve our many ills...the defence of privacy was shot down with 'if you've nowt to hide, then you shouldn't worry'.
Did not the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 create anger when it was suggested that the CCTV in the Leppings Lane stand where the Liverpool supporters were trying to get out of was 'not working'.
When Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead at Stockwell tube station. CCTV footage has debunked some police claims. Because of the bombing attempts the previous day, some of the tapes had been supposedly removed from CCTV cameras for study, and they were not functional - could be CO19 knew this.
Perhaps in the first days, we may have had nothing to fear...but if the authorities botch up on, say, crowd control, stopping 'dodgy' foreigners...or something else which puts the fear of God into Middle England - and tell us all the CCTV system was 'out of order' should we not fear how the 'new order' is being employed?


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Aug 15, 2008
You will always find a lot of incompetents in management, and they are usually the ones to blame for things not working, due to lack of funding and maintainence.

The press also reports the 'things that didnt work' far more often than cctv success stories, as a happy ending does not sell newspapers or get tv ratings.
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