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Nov 15, 2007
Hi folks

I have posted a couple of times here already but thought it was time I put my intro in the right section.
I am a qualified Close Protection & Surveillance Officer (SIA licensed). I have also operated in “hostile†environments and have recently (May 07) carried out a HECPO course with Ronin Concepts. I have eleven years with law enforcement nine of which with the Metropolitan Police (New Scotland Yard) based in London where I was employed on Special Operations dealing in anti-terror ops as well as serious / organised crime. I also dealt with Level 1 public disorder (riot) and forward intelligence operations. I also have thirteen years military experience with the Royal Air Force where I served in the RAF Regiment dealing in Force Protection of forward operating bases, airfields and military installations. Honourably discharged. I also have extensive trauma / first responder qualifications.

Experience and Qualifications.

Hostile Environment Close Protection Officer (Ronin Concepts)
SIA Licensed –
(Close Protection Operations.)
Surveillance Officer
Forensic Crime Scene Examiner
Police Response driver.
Experienced motorcyclist.
Qualified Lifeguard (NPLQ)
Medical - Trauma / First Aid (Level 3) qualified.
Automated External Defibrillator (AED) qualified
Paediatric First Aid certificate
Enhanced Ballistic First Aid qualified.
Chemical, Biological, Radiological, & Nuclear (CBRN) qualified.
Police Service –
Metropolitan Police (New Scotland Yard) (1998 – 2007)
Recipient of Metropolitan Police Commissioners Commendation for “Outstanding Professionalism…â€.
Recipient of numerous letters of commendation for exceptional service.
Nottinghamshire Police (1996 – 1998)
Military Service –
Thirteen years service Royal Air Force Regiment (Hon Discharge)
Experienced in use of long and short weapons systems
Ground defence training instructor
Martial Arts / Unarmed Combat Training
Photographically trained at Defence School of Photography (DSOP).

Looking to find work in the private sector. Had some luck already but looking to improve and get something a little more steady. Finding out the term "hostile environment" mens different things to different people! lol

New to the site and hoping to network and help out where I can.

Stay Safe

Bill (Pepe)
Mob / Cell: +44 (0)7771 818281
E-mail: bill_walker@hotmail.com


Jun 29, 2007
Hi Pepe

thanks for your introduction, you certainly have a good background!

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