Close Protection Course - UK & France SIA Compliant

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Hello All
Project 4 working together with Trisec Security and RST Security are now able to offer "A global Opportunity in Close Protection."

Edexel Level III award in Close Protection Operations
Fire Arms & Control & Restraint
UK and European Exclusive Centres
International Careers
Worldclass Trainers

Full SIA compliant CP course (150 hours)
Held in London (UK) and Lectoure (France)

Course Syllabus:
course covers both theoretical and practical exercises. It covers the 3 elements of planning, briefing and execution.
It is mapped against BTEC Level 3 Award in Close Protection Operations:

Unit 1) Skills and Team Work in Close Protection
Unit 2) Legislation, Communications and Conflict Management Skills
Unit 3) Risk Assessment, Planning and Route Selection
Unit 4) Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Incidents and Dilemmas
Unit 5) Techniques for Close Protection Officers

Cost of Course:

London 1600 (stirling) excluding VAT
France 1650 (stirling) excluding VAT but includes return trip on Eurostar

Payment options:

Depostit of 650 for London and 700 for France to secure place
650 by end of the course
580 by invoice 4 weeks later

Accomodation in France can be provided at the training centre for 60 euro's per night, inclusive of all meals.

Our Forthcoming Courses:
London France
25th Mar – 7th Apr 2008 7th May – 20th May 2008
2nd Jun – 15th Jun 2008 30th Jun – 13th Jul 2008

For more information, use the below contact information

For bookings please contact:​
3 Devonshire Street
W1W 5BA​
020 7580 3419

020 7637 3120


On behalf of Project 4 - Trisec & RST Security

Project 4
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Marcus - Morrigan

Not being funny but whats the point of a standard course being split between the UK and France...... did i miss something? is there a firearms element involved in the French one at that price?

or am i being a mong?
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Sorry I am a little confused, is the French section a firearms course ??? or is it a different location for training europeans? Not trying to be funny but there is a mention of firearms in the opening paragraph but no mention in the syllabus?

Project 4 Solutions

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its not a split course mate, the courses are run at different locations at different dates

The copy and paste appears to have squashed it together.

The reason there is the option for France is there is a different scope and also the opportunity to do an introduction to firearms as an optional extra in France.
Also there are alot of French operators in this region who have enquired about obtaining the SIA Licence as to be able to accompany their principles to the UK etc etc

Hope that clarified that.


Marcus - Morrigan

Thanks for clearing up my fuddled brain........


cheers for the clarity on that mate....

how much is the optional firearms section if you dont mind me asking??

how long duration etc


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I've recently completed this course & the firearms element is half a day duration & is very basic and just really a intro into weapon handling / safety and range drills. If you are ex-forces an APWT would seem highly advanced (some good tactics and relevant drills are covered though,well worth doing!). Anyhoo anyone know of any reasonable insurance firms that insure cpo's for taskings!! Amen.

Deleted member 33

Half a day?

Better to a course with Longmoor Gp whereby they teach the UK fundamentals and then a further week or so in Slovenia doing the firearms. What good is a half day? Whats the point of an intro?

I don't get it.

Rich H