Computing - RAF or civilian/private?


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I'm currently in college studying computer science and I'm looking at going into the RAF when I'm finished. I was wondering what kind of wages to expect when going into IT there? I've been told I'll be paid £18,000p/a in basic training which will go up into the 20s once I've got a position in the RAF - what kind of wages can I expect after this? Even in basic training you'd be at £1300 a month according to this salary calculator. I'm looking into going in as an officer. Would it be a better choice compared to going into IT private/civvy?



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No idea on earnings, but remember the RAF will pay for your training, and you will have somewhere cheap to live!


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Consider joining the Infantry instead. They will pay you less and feed you less but you'll have better stories to tell the grandkids. They won't care how many computers you've fixed.


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Finish the computer science first mate. You're young, do look at options but don't be doing a job purely based on wages, RAF do fly some pretty nice boats but if you'd wanted that then you would have picked that first. It's always a great thing to see on a CV that someone has followed through with a life choice. Your life is ahead of you mucker, the worlds there for the taking.

I wish that I'd had your luck and foresight to have a place like this to turn to.