Concern Over Brazil World Cup Security

Following reports of security staff assaulting players from a local football team during a Brazilian match, new concerns have been raised over whether or not the country will be able to cope with security for what will be one of the biggest events in the South American country. There has certainly been talk of some futuristic equipment being used in the fight against potential crime and Brazilian Justice Minister has said that the event will be “a very safe eventâ€.

Brazilian Passion?

The Brazilian people love their football and passion runs high during games. Unfortunately, this has proven time and time again to spill over to become unacceptable behaviour and not least during the recent Copa Sudamericana final. Hosts Sao Paolo were awarded the win but only after visiting team Tigre, from Argentina, refused to come back out for the second half amid reports that they were threatened with guns by private security staff. Wold Cup 2014 security will be headed largely by private security, hence the worry that exists in many quarters.

Argentians Threatened?

Sao Paolo were 2-0 up at half time and the two sets of players clashed as they made their way towards their dressing rooms. According to reports from Tigre team officials, though, the trouble didn’t stop once the teams went their separate ways. Private security officials followed the Tigre team to their dressing room where the players were allegedly threatened by the security personnel. Two security personnel apparently pulled guns on the players and so the team refused to return for the second half and the match, and cup, was awarded to Sao Paolo as a result.

Differing Opinions

Damian Albil, the Tigre goalkeeper claims that fighting went on for fifteen minutes and before he knew it he had a gun held to his chest. He also said that it was lucky nobody got killed. However, Sao Paolo President Juvenal Juvencio denied the claim of guns being brandished, instead claiming that the Tigre team were scared by the 67,000 Sao Paolo fans that were in the stadium.


CONMEBOL, who are the governing body of South American football, now have a tough decision on their hands as they decide whose side of events to believe. They will either have to punish Tigre for abandoning the game early or they will need to punish Sao Paolo for a lack of proper ground security. Whatever happens, it has raised the issue of ground security ahead of the 2014 World Cup which will take place in Brazil and will be attended and watched by millions around the world.

2014 Security

Of the alleged incident, FIFA said that they are unable to comment on a match that they were not involved in. They did say, however, that it did not have any bearing on security for the World Cup because every ground had strict security protocol in place, that incidentally includes futuristic glasses worn by the police and that offers facial recognition, that includes many processes that are considered standard practice around the world.