Cost of One/Day First Aid Training in London for one/two individuals travelling?


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Just looking to price something for a client and they might be interested in adding some basic first aid training to a course in London.

I'm looking to get a costing on a first aid trainer who would run a one/two day training for them. It would probably be only for less than four people at present. They are travelling to a medium risk Asian country where most likely medical hazard is trauma. I'm less concerned about it being a certified course (though great if it is) then that they get down to things they are most likely to encounter.

Course not guaranteed to go ahead but I get a few of these things come through to me from time to time, so happy for anyone who can deliver or recommend to reach out to me - so I might be able to use you in future.

If anyone wants to ping me over a bit about them, what they can offer and cost (one/two days) gimme a shout.