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Costa Rica Officials Warn of Growing Maritime Drug Trade Amid Cocaine Surge


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Oct 3, 2012
and just as a sidebar.
this happened in Belize. but its all the same region.

I have a buddy who does exotic fishing trips. he was in Belize. he rented a boat, but took his own fishing tackle. they stayed offshore at a jetty, lots of mangrove swamps. a prime fishing area. the locals told him it was ok. he rented an actual cabin, which was part of the floating dock. in the middle of the night there was a disturbance. his friend told him to shut up, and not to investigate. when they got up at dawn, the boat and everything on it was gone. since the boat wasnt his -only rented - that was not a loss. but he did lose a lot of expensive fishing gear. the police told him that piracy of vessels was common , for the purpose of moving drugs, and he would have been shot if he put up resistance.

Not unusual down there.

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