Course review, Malpeet General Purpose Level 2 Dog Handlers Course


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Before anyone says anything, I do NOT have any affiliation with Malpeet K9 Academy. I have no other comparison with other K9 courses but I can certainly comment on any instructional methods and their knowledge. I did a lot of background research and I had my own criteria that any TP would have to meet. This was NOT a course attended course, if you do pass this course you WILL be capable of carrying out the role you have trained for.
I would recommend this and any of Malpeet K9 courses and anyone who knows me would know I do not do any recommendations lightly or often. I genuinely loved doing this course and I will return for further courses and training.

Malpeet K9 Academy Review General Purpose Level 2 Dog Handlers Course September 7th-13th 2013

After carrying out plenty of research on possible security and detection dog training companies, I came to the conclusion that Malpeet K9 Academy more than met my needs. My correspondence with Malpeet K9 Academy generated prompt and professional replies and confirmed their knowledge and professionalism within this field.

I also decided to purchase a ‘green’ dog from Malpeet K9 Academy so I outlined my work and home circumstances and Simon was able to source a compatible dog, which is now settling in well.

The course was enjoyable and demanding both physically and mentally. Having a strong military (not necessary for the course) and security background, I still experienced a steep learning curve. I did see that other companies were offering the same type of courses over five days, however the seven days offered by Malpeet K9 Academy were long and demanding so condensing into five days would have increased the workload on both candidates and dogs.

As an instructor both in the military and civilian sectors myself I was impressed with the no nonsense approach that Simon and the other instructor delivered the course. They clearly had a high level of knowledge and were happy to answer any questions. Strong emphasis was placed on the welfare of the dogs at all times. Support and after care for on-going work with the dog means that I am confident that I can build on the skills (mine and the dog’s) now that we are at home.

I would recommend this course for anyone who is serious about working an existing suitable dog or, like me, obtaining a dog through Malpeet K9 Academy and training it from scratch.


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Thanks for the review Dogger. I'm looking for a GP Security dog course at the moment so I will contact Simon. Thanks.