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Jun 29, 2007
Covert Arena (UK) Ltd

Amongst our services we pride ourselves at providing the right personnel for the right job. We have at our disposal Royal Military Police CP personnel for your close protection needs. We have SAS personnel for crisis responce and kidnap and ransom teams.

Our industry specific consultants have pryor military experience with no less than 15 years in the British armed forces. Our main security services are listed below, however they are not limited to:

• Close Protection
• Installation Guarding
• Kidnap and Ransom Support
• Asset and Personnel Recovery
• Risk Management


Covert Arena provides intelligence services that are tailored to the needs of the client. Intelligence is the eyes of the commander. Be it overt or covert operations. Covert Arena has consultants who will plan and implement a series of intelligence strategies to accomplish all the clients intelligence needs

Involved in this area of operations are a multitude of minor disciplines that can be used as individual aspects or as a complete package.

Intelligence Services Include, however not limited to:
Raw data collection management
Data analyses and Production
CI Activities
Targeted information investigations and analysis
Full spectrum intelligence training

Covert Arena (UK) Ltd
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