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Hi all,

Does anyone have any recommendations for a covert camera? Preferably something that can be carried on person, I.e. A key fob, pen etc for use when carrying discreet tasks at shops/ markets, etc.

I've tried a few and have found the quality to be average, with the main bug bear being reliability when recording as they sometimes fail to do so - bit of a nightmare when you have one opportunity!

Needs to have good image quality, be reliable and also quick/easy to use for ease of deployment.

Many thanks



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Hi TF,

I would recommend a key fob camera, you need to buy the more expensive type and get some practise in before doing a proper job. Bag cameras are okay but if you have to go through any security check it can be a problem, keys on a fob does not. You can get audio as well as footage.

Good luck.......Nippy


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Hi TeddyFox, If you do decide to go with the key fob camera make sure its the full HD version. They all claim to be HD now but
half of them are not specially on Ebay or Amazon. I got one from ebay it cost me only £17 but its really good quality and it takes stills as well.


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Hi all,

Many thanks for the prompt responses. All very helpful and certainly given me some food for thought.

Kind regards



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If going for key fob get one of the hd ebay jobs buy off a seller called eletoponline you will be amazed at the quality it dances all over the lawmate version at a fraction of the price. Pv900? No chance! I sacked mine after a month, it's supposed to be high def but I don't know how they can say this, the results are pi55 poor for a £500 camera. Pv500 evo is much better at similar price with hd camera but not as versatile. We have now all gone for the lawmate ip45 camera which fits on iPhone 4 or 5 does not need to be a working phone as the camera is totally independent it just uses the phone to be covert. Awesome hd quality plenty of samples on you tube showing image quality and for under £200 is the best out there.


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I think the 'life time' of the many and various versions of key fob cameras has come and gone, unless you are working on someone who has no access to the Internet, and can't read or write.
"Why are you holding your keys like that?"
"Didn't know you had an F150?"
"Didn't know you had a Mercedes?"
"Nice, did you buy that on E-Bay?"
"Didn't know you had an Audi?"
Lawmate make great products, however the '900' mentioned above appears to have a narrow FOV having in mind that humans FOV is about 160 horizontal degrees. Check your own FOV. Stand up, back to a wall, both arms out in front of you, then slowly move both arms sideways staring in front of you until you lose sight of your finger tips. How does that compare to the wide angle lens you will be using?
Now think about a garden hose with and adjustable spray as the water outlet. With the water turned on the pressure is constant. As is the light. Screw the nozzle in and the water goes further; open it up and the jet becomes a fine spray but only goes a shorter distance.
Now think of the hose as your camera lens and the water as the ambient light. Think depth of field.
And so end'eth the first lesson. :)


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I like the feature on here where readers can "Like" a post, and that person is quoted when they do.
What would good would be a running total of who, or just how many read it. I know that isn't easy to do, just saying what would be 'good' for the original writer of the post.
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There's a budding market for cameras for Quadcopters and radio controlled aircraft. These very light small HD recorders can be ideal for making covert recordings. They're also very popular as dash cams. One that I really like and that can be tethered to a mobile phone or tablet in the field is the Mobius Action Cam. 1080p or 720p, still images, a mass of settings and configurations, decent low light performance and a 120 degree wide angle setting.

As it is a very popular camera with the Quadcopter fraternity there are several forums that offer lots of advice and help. Also look up a YouTuber called Techmoan and find his video review of the Mobius Cam. And best of all it's fifty quid. Personally apart from not having a screen it's picture quality makes a £350-400 unit seem very overpriced.


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I use a professional covert Lawmate 500 EVO + BU18 button cam, which is a very reliable unit. Never had a problem with this kit. Picture quality is clear and resolution settings can be adapted, and has time/date stamp features etc. I can tell you how to set this up, if you want. Just PM me.