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CP surveillance staff required for festival Aug 9th-11th Aug 2018


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Jul 2, 2015
All SIA CP Licenced Security personnel, genuine job offer.

Once again we have been awarded the Festival contract and here are requirements of the job: for security personal required at an event on the weekend of 9th 10th 11th Aug in the area of Banbury. Night shift surveillance security staff to patrol, in a low profile, plain clothes role, providing up to date information of observation and surveillance for undesirable persons at a festival.
All sounds fun, the facts. The job is for three night’s Thur 9th to Sat 11th hours 20.00-06.00am each shift. Pay is 426 for the three shifts, on 30 day invoice. Its plain clothes work, it may be wet or it may be dry tho, so wet weather kit may be in order!!! (It’s a family orientated low level festival which attracts generally mature and family persons) with a crowd of 20,000 people. There are uniformed guards for the crowd control and public order, who are nothing to do with the surveillance teams. The role of the surveillance team is to observe and report any illegal or immoral activities to the Control or the Police at the festival (avoid any hands on if possible, it’s a family thing after all however if necessary reasonable minimal force can be used). Breakdown is One PM, one Team Leader and four two man/woman teams. PM and TL already allocated so don’t apply for the role.
We are looking for anyone who either lives local to Banbury or who is wiiling to camp out for the duty. We require 8 staff for Thursday 9th, and 10 staff for Fri 10th and Sat 11th. A wrist band is issued so you can see the bands too if it's quiet. Job goes out for all members of security staff who hold a CP SIA license (sorry no DS this year, clients wishes due to the nature, not our call guys). Men and women can apply, need both for this job. NO EGOS on this job either, it’s a good gig and its been going on for over 11 years without hitch.
To apply PLEASE DON’T SEND YOUR CV. Only send a profile with your skills for this role (not really interested if your Deep undercover-deeper than Barry Whites voice, or if you were the 97th Trooper on the Embassy ledge or even If you wrote a book of how you cocked up a mission in Iraq). Just looking for guys/gals who can get involved and get on with it at this type of event and work without fuss. Ex Mill preferred however not essential as there are some great non ex mil guys out there, all on merit. Professional whiners’ and job snobs need not apply as it has a good rating of a nice number for the guys who have done it over the last few years. Feel free to spread the word on other sites.
Send profile with copy of SIA CP licence and DOB to Kirsten Kirsten.1@hotmail.co.uk
On three notes, 1 this is the only job she covers so no need to ask to be kept on file, we try to use the guys who have done it before. 2 If you are on the job please don’t card the client as it has been done before and the client lets her know. Kirsten is offering work in these quiet times, please don’t bite the hand. 3 if you’re on the job stick to it or provide a genuine and decent replacement. We nearly lost the contract last year due to the so called professionals who obviously does care of others and didnt even turn up after agreeing the job which would have put 11 people out of work. Think of others if you bail out. However we covered it with some excellent guys/gals. Thank you.

Thanks for looking


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Sep 4, 2016
Hello mat2469.

I have recently completed a SIA CPO course and am looking for work such as the job you have posted above. I realise the date has passed however if further jobs come up then I would be interested in applying for them.

Additionally, I’m a UK registered paramedic currently working for an ambulance service and aim to intergrate this skill set into CP work. I have a colleague who is in the same position as my self who I could also recommend.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

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