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Nobody uses this place anymore, places like LinkedIn are a lot better than here. This place used to be a very good place 10 years ago, but the Walters got on here and they ruined it. Those who used it to source good blokes etc got fed up of the Walt community and just stopped posting on here due to the lack of unprofessional individuals applying for jobs they just didn't qualify for.

The industry has changed big time, still full of Walters, thankfully I have a good circle of knowledge (networking) so don't really come on here, just popped in to see what hadn't changed, and nothing has.

Last post on here so to those who drop in, don't waste your time, plenty of other top places to cyber search!!


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Fair comments but it's still worth putting up the occasional post, answer a few questions from newbies, poke fun at the idiots...

There aren't many regulars or even registered users, but there's plenty of guests (as I type this there are 54 on here) - don't want them all thinking we're a sulky bunch that can't be arsed to put people straight about our industry, or that we tolerate Walts through silence and indifference


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The forum change marked a real drop off in regular visitors, we need to spread the word (please use Linked In to do so!) that the site is still alive and occasionally kicking :)