CPW Facebook group - Remember to join us on FACEBOOK folks


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I would have thought that you're relatively safe on Facebook as long as you're strict with your privacy settings, don't accept friend requests from strangers, stay away from dodgy third-party applications and use some common sense.


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Nope not me - never

facebook is a no go for me and my family

too much risk iam afraid

(and if i get drunk i may well post my name and address on facebook)



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"Paranoid" comes to mind as does "self-aggrandizing." The vast majority of us are so far under the radar of serious bad guys that it's a non-issue. If any of us were such a great prize we would either be ghosts ... or living large in Pakistan. I wore the same beret as you (avatar) and find the whole "Silent Professionals" persona thing to be just so much stereotypical rubbish. Raise hell, live well ...


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lots on FB, which one is you/us? i have joined a few, not sure if any are the right ones? yes we need to be carefull, but liking a group means nothing in the real world.............. like/join does not mean you are anything related. FB is a forum for everyone, everything and anything.............


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+1 on the Surveillance tool.

The main thing to check on the privacy settings is that your details (photo e.t.c.) are not displayed to anyone which is not on your friends list .

The other important point is to set your profile to non searchable. This means you cant be found though a name search.

Facebook has proved many a time to be a useful surveillance tool.

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No offence CM but i prefer to keep my private life and proffessional life as far apart as humanly possible, maybe ill add the odd person from here but only those i know and have worked with. Facebook and all those social networking sites are a persec/opsec nightmare.

Humble opinion only of course!!!

In my last life I was a Private Investigator ;-) Thats why I have never joined one of those Network Sites! I agree 200% that they are a (persec/opsec nightmare) The amount of people that have been traced or caught out via their facebook profile is "F**king Amazing" :)

I have only searched the site via a colleagues account and I think all the bragging "pirate hunters" with their war pictures on facebook may one day regret their actions :-(


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I find it quite amazing that in the year 2010 security professionals still don't have a clue about osint, opsec and persec and the fact that anyone can type your name on google and see pictures of you and your whole life and family.

I have visited the facebook group which has over 1000 members and exactly the same threads as here.

Facebook is full of viruses and hackers, as well as fake Id's and info gatherers.

I find it shocking that these so called professional cpo's openly show to thousands of people their private lives and interests.

I have seen so many pictures of guys holding their kid.
That is just plain stupid doing that.

i totally agree, although guilty of being on facebook myself, my cp instructor slammed me for the same thing, was totally unaware of the risk untill it was brought to my attention. instructer wouldnt even start our course untill we all took ourselves off facebook.


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Will join, but im struggling to find it, could someone send me a link please.
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