CPW Facebook group - Remember to join us on FACEBOOK folks


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Hello all,

I just applied to join.

Thank you very much.

Mike Smith

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Which is the correct FB page?

The page with guys asking for jobs and topics that are already on here.
I personally got pi$$ed off with the same old question... Someone give me a job, please!!! So I binned the group within a week!

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Hi Covert Munkey
I join face book a few months ago and for some reason i can not find it any more can you advise me on this matter...


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sign up today! regarding a persec/opsec problems ( witch can be solved by applying specific settings ) - i find trough facebook quite a few interesting, short term contracts ( eg Euro 2012 ) :). for many companies Facebook became almost free advertising platform


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Good morning fellaws!

(My apologies if my English is not correct.)

I submitted my application to the Facebook page, my user name is Face: Carlos Palao

Best Regards