Crescent Security Group


Can nanybody remember.
Looking after some info's about a security coy based in Kuwait named
Crescent Security Group.
About two years ago five contractors where kidnapped by insurgents.
Does anybody know if they are still operating or if they shut down the coy.
Any info's would be much appreciated.
Crescent Security is a private security firm operating in Iraq, based out of Kuwait and managed by Americans.

On November 16th, 2006, 5 contractors working for Crescent were kidnapped at a fake check point in Iraq. To date, they have not been released.

We were sad to learn that all five hostages were killed by their kidnappers. Their bodies were returned to their families in March and April 2008.


Joshua Munns, Jonathon Cote, John Young, Bert Nussbaumer, and Paul Reuben.

[ame=""]YouTube - Video released of 5 kidnapped contractors[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube - Free Cote[/ame]
I do not know if they are still active Legioner but my advise is to stay well clear ... apart from the kidnappings mentioned above they were not best good to work for regarding vehicles, pay, rotations ... etc... had a very bad rep prior to this incident.
Can nanybody remember.
Looking after some info's about a security coy based in Kuwait named
Crescent Security Group.
About two years ago five contractors where kidnapped by insurgents.
Does anybody know if they are still operating or if they shut down the coy.
Any info's would be much appreciated.

I've heard bad things about their equipment, weapons, drills, training, pay, rotations, accommodation, in fact just about everything....

If they are still operating, I wouldn't touch them if I were you.
Mrning i was working out of Basrah at the time of there kidnapping there camp was about 400 mtrs away from the kuwait boarder they used to come across the boarder unarmed and then go straight in there camp.I think at the time of there kidnapping there were closing down on there contract's i do believe that they no longer work in iraq they had a very bad rep over there working in up Armoured veh, ifu need to know more i can e mail a friend of mine who knows of one,of the lads that came out of the kidnapping unharmed
Heard they got kicked out off a US Army base because of illegal weapons
and alcohol abuse.
As well as they shut down the coy, but there are some rumors saying they are still operating.
Im courious about the COE Franko Picco because i heard he is Italian no not American Like in the media said.
Any info about that?
Legioner ,

unfortunately they are prob working under a different name... they were in the past working out of the old 'roadhouse ' run by RGS after the Safwan border BXP ,, as I recall ..

As stated it was Muppet show in term of kit and kibuttal ,,, sorry for the guys what got whacked .. but if you stopped for Iraqi police regardless of the rules and regs and didn't leave a team in the rear as gun support then something went wrong......not trying to second guess the dead here but seriously , back then there were no SOPs about IPS...
Crescent were one of those companies set up by a CEO Franco Pecco who had no idea about security, he used to have- maybe still does- a trucking business and needed security, so set up a security firm to escort his trucks. Then somehow Crescent expanded to do contracts for other companies as well. As I recall their HQ was down in Kuwait City, they had a compound up near Navistar as well, but in country they had no facilities. Used to see them occasionally bedding down a Cedar II or Anaconda. They did have some characters working for them though, aside from Paul Reuben who was a great bloke does anyone remember Wolf? But also had some major issues, in terms of kit and SOPs or lack thereof. Always went high profile, but often lacked the vehicles, kit or aggression to carry it off. When the 5 got kidnapped they closed down within weeks so that they would risk having to pay ransoms to anymore guys after that, apparently they used to stiff wounded guys and dead guys families on their insurance money as well.
Hi roadhog,

I heard the same that they closed down for the same reasons you stated. I recall seeing Cresent occasionally when they were first starting to run convoys ... I tend to remember they had massive amounts of trucks to very few escort teams ... I recall speaking to one guy at cedar in the KBR tents who told me they were so spread out that the backmarker had to radio relay to gain comms with the lead.... pityful in honesty.

They were hiring ricketty rackity Iraqis from around UQ and some with fairly dubious backgrounds MM etc.

It is sad that this sort of company is allowed to exist in the first place.....
Oh yeah, they definitely had the dubious Iraqi connection nailed down alright... one of their teams had an ex Iraqi weightlifter, another one had a guy that was rumoured to have been arrested by for being behind a number of convoy ambushes. As to their numbers of escort vehicles to trucks, worst I saw was 8 trucks 3 escort vehicles, but I heard from one of my mates up at Anaconda that a Crescent team had arrived with 20 trucks and 2 escort SUVs. But then so did a lot of other firms, I hope that things have changed now- not been to Iraq for over a year.
In my experience the maximum load was 10 + 1 BT to 4 gun trucks and 1 covert scout vehicle (believe it or not an excellent asset) I am trying to be mindful of Opsec here but I was aware that some of the fuel contracts were ridiculous .... around 30 - 70 trucks to 2 US Hummers and 3 Private Security. Spartan I believe was the company running this at one point ... not sure who has it now.

some of our clients in the past wanted to run 15 - 20 trucks , luckily the company refused or at the very least demanded a larger security team and additional BTs ... this I recall happening twice in my 3 yrs on convoys ... worked out quite well but the concern was always the command and control when things go wrong....
I remember hearing about the Spartan fuel convoys but never actually saw one... bet those were fun for the escort team. All that potential blackmarket cash driving along....
Interesting crew.....some photos & interesting reading in a book called "A Bloody Business" even a bit about Wolf Weis being shot up by the unsure Americans & the Iraqi Olympic weightlifter gets his pic in there as well, goes through there MO out of Kuwait, a good read for those considering work in the the pit.
Hi all,

Just got thru reading some of the posts, found the need to clarify certain aspects.

After succesfully escorting 22000 vehicles in and out of Iraq safely the loss to Crescent stats was as follows;
KIA - Wolf Weiss - Blue on White , Anaconda..hve video and still under investigation by JAG for Striker team responsibility
KIA - Mustapha ,Ahmed ( EFP Sulaymaniyah)
RTA - " Bob"

Kidnapped( Murdered) , John Young( Team Leader), Josh Munns( asst Team Leader), Jon Cote, Paul Reuben.Bert Nussbaumer.

As for the Military investigation Crescent was given a 'Clean Bill of Health" and found that all weapons etc were correctly registered and that the Alcohol and Steriods were none other than Centrum A-Z Vitamins and cough syrup!!! It is a fact that Crescent has succesfully challenged the Author Steve FAinaru of WP article depicting CSG of breaking rules etc....
CSG was also investigated by relevant US, NATO teams who concluded that CSG operated well within the constraints of CPA and regulations.....each mission concluded had complete satellite tracking history, operations report, Team leader report as well as video of mission completed.

Missions undertaken were also FOC humanitarian missions,

Also to inform you guys Crescent offered to pay all ransom demands etc...but none were recieved.
Crescent did not close and thats why we managed to find the guys and bring them home, also a somber note is that Crescent with the FBI and Brit mil has caught the perpertrators and they will now face justice Iraqi style! I challenge any other Security operator who's employer would have done the same for them if they were in the same news on the SA four after the CSG kidnapping or the 5 Brits taken from the MOF in BAghdad 6 months later!

I apologise if I have upset anybody but to those who know me, know that my word is my life! I will not even go onto the weapons etc...Crescent was authorised to carry everything . The armoury consisted of M4's,Ak's, SAW's, PKM's, 240B's; and more....serial numbers available.

nuff said
Mate, I'm curious to a lot of your claims, if Crescent didn't close, they stopped doing convoys, what's the difference?
Did the families receive the Insurances from Crescent because it's been reported that they did not.
I knew a few Crecent guys who were based in Adder.....

I'm a little sceptical of your claims that Crescent offered to pay the ransoms, this sounds like it's Company line, I take it you were part of the management there?

I was in Basra COB when the remains of the guys were repatriated, I didn't see any Crescent guys for the 9 months I was there, running Convoys, their camps at Safwan and Adder were no longer in use....doesn't sound like a company still operating to me mate.
The reputation of Crescent was NOT the best in Iraq, their website broke so many OPSEC and PERSEC issues, right down to how they rolled, and had guys faces splashed all over it....Then there was the Rolling Stone Article about Wolf Weiss, "The Rock and Roll Mercenary" it done nothing to enhance contractors images in Iraq.
What happened to the 5 lads were a travesty, and should never have happened, but it for the 5 Brit lads, just because you're no hearing anything in the media, does not mean there are things ongoing behind the scenes, the FO have asked for no media involvement, I know 4 of the guys personally, and am in touch with friends with one of them on a regular basis....thay have NOT been for the 4 SA's that's a weird one, I even heard they robbed this convoy themseleves and "dissapeared" but again, it's only rumours.

Crescent did not have a good reputation amongst other Security companys in Iraq for whatever reasons....
I was an ERS Agent for them. The pay was wonderful @ 2500 USD per day me and the other agent had all the equipment we requested to the letter. As for their convoy security section that was another story. Bunch of guys that got out of the military to avoid war, they found that all the given necessities i.e. food, housing, insurance coverage was not as easy to secure when Uncle Sam is not holding your hand.

This was not the place for them but they had that 650 USD per day flash before their eyes and they thought it was good pay. In the end SOS had the intelligence on the kidnapped. The boys were recovered silence was paid for and SOS took over their contracts.

SOS then brought in some Australians for the ERS side of the house because they are much cheaper. To this day SOS in still trying to get American ERS Agents back in place but can not since they decided to ruin their contract with cheaper work.

Glad u were there when the bodies arrived ( including Withrow)of the Crescent Guys on the 3 occasions....I must have missed you..... the 5 Crescent families next of kin were paid USD 300,000 per person insured, as per policy

I am not going to get into a He said She said scenario but I was in Basra personally doing the legwork and arranging informants etc since 2006 Nov.I am still currently following up with this case inclusive of "others". Crescent closed the lot in Safwan after the US Military moved the crossing to AL Kubairi crossing, some 40Km's from the original Navstar...

I can appreciate that certains things done by the "director of Security" was not correct but I cannot stand back and listen to the crap that is percieved! Unfortunately or fortunately everything I have is documented and recorded. I have never beleived in heresay . To quote russian KGB " Make the lie as big as possible, people will believe it more". Is that not what Journalists do.......How many of the comments or perceptions stem from the article of is a bit like been a prostitute, the more you perform the more you get screwed.

Have you personaly ever seen Crescent whilst they were on a mission in Iraq?

I am not slamming the 5 brits or SA's 4 and rest assured I am sure that resolution is close by. I can only hope that they are returned to their families alive or in a better shape the Crescent 5 and Withrow were returned in!
Be careful as the Arab world considers your working in any of the Sandpits as potentally being against their Muslim Brothers. Their is also still bad blood between Kuwait and Iraq. For in country advise reach out to any of the ASIS members working and living in Kuwait who may have contacts with local security companies. JT.