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My names Jamie and I am currently serving in the Royal Navy. have done since the start of 2007. i served aboard HMS CHATHAM as a communications rating from then until its decomission this year in may. during my time on there i completed 3 deployments. 2 of which were east of suez. the first east of suez was doing OP TELIC protecting 2 oil platforms just of the coast of iraq. the second one was a very successful counter piracy deployment around the horn of africa. disrupting Somali pirates.

im interested in CP and would be grateful for anyone who could shed any light on it for me on how to get into it/ whats requiered etc.. as at this stage i dont know very much.

cheers J


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Hello mate,

My advice is to go on to the CP threads in the main menu. There are threads there for the newcomer, with info from guys in the industry. I am not trying to put you off and not saying that ex-matelots ever get into CP, but many companies look at previous HE experience and extensive firearms training. Seriously research it before parting with your money for an expensive CP course. There are some ex RN CPO's on here!