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Current UK Terror Threat Highlighted In Parliamentary Report

Aug 1, 2010
An annual report published by the Intelligence and Security Committee has highlighted the work done by MI5 and other security agencies. The report also includes specific details of the threat levels currently faced in the UK from terrorism. Al Qaeda are listed as a major threat but the report highlights the likelihood that terrorists will be self-motivated rather than operating under a single banner. Northern Ireland related terrorist threats remain a high possibility, too, and cyber terrorism was singled out as being a highly volatile area of potential threat.

The threat level in the UK from international terrorism is currently set at Substantial. This means that an attack is considered to be a strong possibility. Al Qaeda are considered to be the biggest threat, although the report states that a coordinated attack is less likely than smaller attacks made by smaller groups acting independently. The report also says that extremists may receive training from groups in Syria before returning to the UK and attempting a terrorist attack on our shores. Extremist groups are also a threat from countries with emerging governments like Egypt.

The threat of violence and terrorism in and from Northern Ireland is another topic that is covered in detail within the report. It states that the likelihood of attack in Northern Ireland is Severe. However, the threat to the rest of the UK from Northern Ireland has been lowered to Moderate as of October 2012. A new terrorist group emerged in 2012 that is considered to be one of the biggest emerging threats and security forces are considered to be the most likely targets for these threats.

The report singled out cyber terrorism as being one of the most likely forms of hostile action. There is, according to the report, a major threat of cyber terrorism by individuals, criminal groups, and international terrorists attempting to steal information and identities from the UK. State sponsored cyber espionage is a major threat and this would see groups stealing government sensitive information from groups and even directly from the government itself in order to further their own ends.

All forms of espionage are considered a major threat and this means that organisations and individuals should be on guard to ensure that information and pertinent data does not go missing. Foreign intelligence services are looking to gain invaluable information into the UK government and their current actions and it is this espionage that the report considers to be among the most likely form of attack. Espionage attacks are discovered and foiled on a more regular basis than the majority of people know.

The Middle East and North Korea are believed to be the biggest WMD threats. Iran is another nation that is known to be increasing its nuclear presence and they have yet to listen to concern from other nations and groups. Chemical weapons are a very real threat, too, and the UK continues to do its bit to further enhance the support given to the UK and Nato in the search for WMDs.
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