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CVIT Training 2015


New Member
Feb 16, 2015
Calibre International are offering a 10% reduction to members of CP World off the price of their CVIT training course.

Please be aware that the CVIT training as per the new specification along with other licence linked qualifications has changed with effect of the 1st January 2015. Calibre International Security Limited are one of the leading deliverers of CVIT training in the UK, the training is over 4 days (not 3 as in the old specification).

Unit 1 - Introduction to the Cash and Valuables in Transit Industry = 10 GLH

Unit 2 - Working as a Cash and valuables in Transit Operative within the Private Security Industry = 18 GLH

If a training provider is offering anything different than the above I would be very curious as to what the qualification is.

further details on this or any other qualifications can be obtained by calling us on 01494 435126 info@calibre-international.com
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