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Hi, is daily occurence book something you guys use? I am a software developer and one of my friends needs a software where it's possible to keep a log of occurences. They use a paper version and want to do this online. I will be creating something for him and thought if there are any more people interested in such tool?

It would be possible to create entry types, such as "Alarm" "Incident" etc, then create an entry and operators can then add responses to it. Though this could be much more than that. Like audits, emailing clients with occurence summaries etc.

I'm not familiar with security business so have no idea if this is of interest to anyone else?
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Used lots all over in static guarding.
I have replaced where possible with google forms.
Some industry specific software also provides the facility.
One of the areas for consideration will require to be the [apologies - total mind blank so please insert the correct word here] originality or authenticity of the data stored on the retrieval system. In a standard DOB it can be signed and therefore auditable as being genuine.
Good luck with it.

You'd need to ensure that any data transfer was suitable secure. You'd need to log all entries in such a way that they could not be changed at a later time with each entry having an automatic timestamp of when they were entered as well as the time they type in to say when it happened. As Bubba says you'd need to authenticate that the entry was made by whoever was supposed to be making it. That could be done with a code that gets checked on an SD card with each person having their own, but also with each person having a user ID and password.

It would have to be customisable to suit different environments. It could also include access to procedures and possibly alerts to check things, open things, lock things at certain times.

As to how many people would want something like this. It would be useful, but then I've worked on sites that don't bother to have any occurrence or logging book, or have had one but don't replace it once it's full. Cutting costs is the name of the game for far too many in this industry.
Depends how far you want to go and what the budget is
Ideally you need an App, running on the users phone so it's with them all the time, tied to the phone for ID purposes and pulling GPS data for location of incident and time/date, has the ability to add photos or a voice commentary of what they saw or easily grab a witness statement there and then

There's already a bunch of stuff out there so have a Google, see what they do and see if you can do it better?
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