Demo Section, Thetford


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Hi Guys,

Anyone here remember from their training at Pirbright those absolute shi'ites that were the Demo Section at Stonebridge Battle Camp???

I remember when I was a crow on Battle Camp, me and a mucker being captured by them (going back to '77 now), for my 'Interrogation' they stripped me off, made my mate cam me up from head to toe in cam cream then made me spend the rest of the night on my knees with a full jerrican held at arms length in front of me, every time I moved some asswipe would pour freezing cold water over my head!! And I was only bloody 17, can imagine doing that nowadays !!!:)
Every morning our father made us clean the lake and then killed us, we had to go up 1 hour before we went to bed..say that to kids today and nobody would believe ya..

Taken from, Monthy Python..but I hear you Rocket dodger..
Havent all things been much more softer these days take schools for example..

Hi Hawk,

yeah, they would be locked up and I'd have trauma counselling...LOL

Thing is though the guys are still doing the business in those absolute shitholes, makes u wonder if if was just for 'sport' !!!
I remember Thetford battle camp in the 80,s . Place of nightmares on a par with Fremington "adventure training" camp or that sickening feeling of turning up towards D-lines in full two dress knowing full well your heading for sand hill . Some lads burst into tears as soon as we got to the gates We were only 16 and the last Guards intake to do 14 months training.
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I remember doing a river crossing in Jan 79, at 05.00hrs, took weeks to get the feeling back in my nuts, happy days:)
i still have night mares about that hill i was in Pirbright 89 .how i got through the training back then i do not know. just looking at up that hill made my legs turn to jelly . Thetford in winter not a fun place . fun days i think
I still break into a sweat thinking about Vogelsang. The morning runs up that F##cking hill.
its now open to the public, and their welcome to it.
Ordensburg Vogelsang

Did my fullscrews course at Vogelsang..;)
Tabbing over hills and those bloody steps up to the scoff house.
Getting beasted through the woods over the "trim trail"
And having a final exercise with SF guys as enemy.
back then guys from FRU (Force Recon Unit) would beast us on section attacks..;(
Did get to abseil down the tower.