Does anyone use such technology? How much has your security efficiency improved?


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I used to work in one of the companies in Ukraine. We had our doorkeeper, who guarded the entrance to the building. Our bosses decided to install the latest technology at that time (2017) and put a smart intercom on our door with a CCTV camera and motion sensors built into it. At covid (2019-2021) we also put contactless exit buttons, so that we can without touching the door handle. These technologies made the work of our doorkeeper much easier and were able to make the entrance to our company even safer. This was the main office of Kyivstar - the most popular public mobile operator in Kyiv. Does anyone have the same technology at the entrance to the building?
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Yes access control is widely used across various venues.
When you say "doorkeeper" I believe you are referring to a concierge/security officer.

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