Door staff receive Police commendation


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From all that I have heard on here over the years I have been on this forum about DS who have assisted, attempted to assist police in England, yeah I would not be bothered either.

This site is full of people doing what is morally correct and then getting caught up in police drama.

I would just sit back and call the police, maybe then I could be the first in the UK to get caught up in police drama for being a witness.

Remind me again why they lost Interpol membership from 07-09; thats right, lack of professional industry conduct.


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Absolutely true Ivan, if I may add,

That in general when we do the risk assessment the Police don't help us, they will be there if a crime's committed but other than that we leave them alone and they leave us alone.

Getting into something up the road that is none of a DS's concern always ends up badly and from experience and there's no thanks for it. Plus there's the fact that the DS is leaving his position and colleagues open to compromise.

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