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Jun 29, 2007

To work as a door supervisor you must be aged 18 or over, and you must apply for a licence from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) after taking a Level 2 National Certificate in Door Supervision. See the SIA website (in Further Information) for a list of approved qualifications and training providers.

It is now illegal to work as a door supervisor in England and Wales without an SIA licence. Door supervisors in Scotland will need a licence from November 2007. To apply for the licence, contact the SIA, or visit their website for an application pack (see Further Information). Applications are checked by the Criminal Records Bureau.

You do not need any academic qualifications to get a Level 2 National Certificate in Door Supervision.

If you already hold another door supervisor qualification, you may be able to exchange your previous qualification for the new certificate. These other qualifications include awards made by:

* Security Industry Training Organisation (SITO)
* National Open College Network (NOCN)
* British Institute of Innkeeping (BIIAB)
* Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE).

Check the SIA website to see if your previous qualification will count towards the new certificate.

Some employers may employ you as a trainee door supervisor and support you through the training and licensing process.

The Level 2 National Certificate in Door Supervision is a 30-hour course, which could be run part-time over a few evenings or weekends, or as an intensive four-day full-time course.

During your course you will cover two main sections:

* role and responsibilities of a door supervisor
* communication skills and conflict management.

You will take an exam on each section.

When you have passed the certificate course you will be issued with a door supervisor licence, which must be renewed every three years.

You could choose to take further training courses, such as the first aid and physical intervention courses provided by the Door Supervisor Training Organisation (DSTO). See contact details in Further Information.
Further information

Skills for Security (Incorporating SITO)
Security House
Barbourne Road
Tel: 0845 075 0111
Skills for Security

Security Industry Authority (SIA)
PO Box 9
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE82 6YX
Tel: 0870 243 0100

Door Supervisor Training Organisation (DSTO)
Maurice House
2 Iddesleigh Road
Tel: 01202 299969
DSTO : Door Supervisor Training Organisation

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