Door supervisor south west of England


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Hey everyone.

I am new here, and am looking for a credible place to do a door supervisor course in the south west.
I have looked around online and found many courses that vary. I was wondering if anybody on here could point me in the direction of a well ran and good quality course?

Thank you for any help given.

(sorry if I am just repeating, or have posted this in the wrong place)


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Unless you are looking at something like an upskilling course which is an add on to an old course, all the courses should get you your SIA licence (subject to Criminal Records checks, fee paid etc.). That is what counts in getting a job. No-one really cares where you do a DS course because it doesn't really equip you to do the job. Its a bit like doing your driving training and test around a course at a training centre and then being expected to drive on the roads.

However, try Prosec Consultancy, they seem to supply good staff so I am presuming their training is properly done.