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Drug trafficking airstrip located near a military post and transnational company

Beau Geste

Longterm Registered User
Dec 24, 2007
A news organization in Guatemala discovered a clandestine drug trafficking airstrip located in the vicinity of a military post and property owned by a transnational company, raising questions about ties between organized crime and elites in the area and the difficulty of preventing the illegal use of private property for criminal activities.

Guatemala News Outlet Spots Clandestine Airstrip Near Military Base


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Jun 18, 2014
Let me state some facts:
1º the company operating near the spot and the military base may not know about it if they are not themselves using air transport as the area offers enough conditions for both caring just about their own facilities and the road to get there.
2º the military may use variable wing media, making this allegation difficult so sustain.
3º in order to clear the landstrip usually heavy machinery are needed. Even the shortest I have been on gets a caterpillar once and again to compact the land, nominally is is 650 meters and is "zahorra compactada".
4º close to this You may know BRR operated by HIAL and that shows perfect examples of the kind of cargo/passenger planes that may use such a lands trip.
5º in order to be used by planes you need to get there with fuel (and the obvious cargo) by suvs, mules... locals would notice it, at least as much as a turboprop en route (ascending or descending).
6º aviation fuel usually is not available in your Sainsburys petrol station. Despite this maybe a drug lord will risk his planes failing mid-air or will consider the opportunity to use regular fuel if flying under-the-radar if his motors are really well serviced.
7º an image is worth more than thousand words so:



And to sum up:
I am afraid the news is worth a "SUN" spot and that is all, you have there "hidden on plain sight" and would suggest that as a part of the Perenco facilities an airstrip, so if the evil transnational company would have ties with the drug trafficking would use their own one (and even facilitate the fuel and legal flights!). Nice to see that this comes from a COLOMBIAN based foundation
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