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hi all,

could some one please advice equipment for tracking of vechicles please.
a friend on mine was enquiring to equipment,

magnetic for unside of vechicle

he has a portable laptop where he will be using for the recieving the images

cheap and cheerful so he doesn't have to retrieve equipment once finished

up to 2/3 mile usage from target car to suuvey car

Thanks for the help

Most trackers will offer a magnet for "unside" of vehicles. There is a whole number of trackers available. The "follow team", depending on your operation, can be any distance away or as near as possible for a "strike" or photographic purposes. You get what you pay for in this game. Have a chat with people from a company like Hidden Technologies or Sure-Track PLC.

"Recieving images" sounds interesting?

Good luck
If you receive images from your tracking device, then please tell me what you use??!!! We use Tele loggers/Q Ball/Q loggers and another hybrid device which is cheaper. All provide product on mapping but none provide images! We then utilise Google Earth to get a good view of the route and areas the subject is in, in additon to the mapping software. Quite often, the software to download the data or to live track your subject is the most expensive part!