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Look at the LOWA boot, they have a half boot ankle fit in black, looks chunky but very light expensive but endures longer than the magnum and won't split on the heel. Foot specialists recommend this boot to soldiers with ankle problems.

I love my Lowa Boots, have had them for years and very very comfy when spending many hours on your feet. Nice and warm for winter as well.. Bit pricey, but well worth it!
I recently purchased Magnum Spider boots after 20 years of German paratrooper boots and couldn't believe the difference, it was like wearing really light trainers compared to the german para boots, but with the support right up the ankle, never knew something could be so comfortable. A great buy !!!!!
Your are not alone ACT
"no problems with foot rot like magnums (or is that just me :eek: ). "
My innersoles went dodgy after about a year too think it was the 28 days 12hr shifts without a day off jobbie!!!

Look up cheaper on most things than patrol store & have a huge range of boots

Any boot with the hardened toe are good but not the steels, steels can be gotten away with if your at a festival & moving barriers but deemed as a kicking tool on standard doors but have known people to wear the steel magnums

There is a wide range of mags out there with most listed on the above site I quite liked the elite spider look but haven't seen the sole properly to comment on it but have heard a good review

Last boots i purchased was Niton's own make & they have lasted me very well (Around 8 months at present & still going strong) They are comfortable & especially more so with a cushioned innnersole (About £10 from boots) & these boots cost £30 which is considerably less than most.

Have heard good reviews on the 5.11's aswell but again never had a pair

There is a very wide range price wise, make wise & style wise on niton's website so just look it up & any queries call them & they will help as much as they can, just for your info aswell they are 1 of the biggest if not the biggest suppliers to the police

Good luck
From my exp Magnums are pooh!
Love the Meindl range and the Altberg too. Meindl have done many many more miles but are fab boots, waterproof and warm without being too bulky; Altberg Veldthog fot hot weather and they do a great lightweight leather boot too; plus they are British made so no price hike due to the Euro and you are supporting our economy!
I currently use Meindl desert boots, great boots, also 5.11 desert boots are good also stay safe Ram out.
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Not sure if this is valid info but I bought some Danner copies from a company called 'Rig Equipment'; stitched on Vibram soles, good thick leather and italian made, very good for the £80 they charged me, sadly no gore tex though.
not sure if they still do them but they did do the textile/leather 'Acadia' copy to my understanding a little lighter and softer.
steelies?? not for me!!

I've been wearing magnums on the door for the last 5 years and i love them.
In regards to 'steelies' I have worked with many lads who wore them and still continue to do so.
From my understanding of the law (and its is quite limited) there is no lawful reason why you are not allowed to wear steel toe boots whilst working in security. The justification and arguement for which is a hypothetical one, imagine you are escorting a person out of a venue and in this particular occasion she is wearing a nice pair of heels or he is a larger man and he/she decides to stamp hard on your foot rendering you unable to complete your duties, and may even leading to time off. By wearing safety boots you are protecting your lively hood.
Now this is only from my knowledge and experience but personally a good pair of magnums or something along those lines should be more than adequte.
ive been working the doors for near on 2 years - i wore shoes for a while but no grip and uncomfortable - so i began wearing boots

i have also heard mixed rumours for certain boots that cant be worn and somer that can

what boots can and cant be worn, as mine are getting a bit worn and looking at getting the Magnum Elite Spider from patrolstore linked to here
Most style boots can be worn on the door, steel toe caps however are most def. out! Some police forces sometimes frown upon the composite toe cap style boot.

I wear magnums and they have done me no harm, the support and comfort is good and they still look smart.
I got a pair of these 2 weeks ago £40 delivered, looks like they have increased the price by £10 but I would say they are still worth £50, very light and comfy.


Bates - Tactical Sport 8 Inch Boot £49.99
I have worn Magnum while on exercise with the TA and I find if they can do that job, then standing around they will also meet up to that as well.
i got spiders. they are awesome as light as a flip flop :) and sooo comfortable! defiantely worth the extra few quid!
Try and get a pair with a non slip sole mate. Nothing worse than ice skating when trying to break up a fight.
Try and get a pair with a non slip sole mate. Nothing worse than ice skating when trying to break up a fight.

did that the other day at an event chasing 2 lads went arse over tit! looked a twat until i did eventually catch the guy and have him in cuffs :D
Wear boots every time. Comfort, support and grip. Buy a good one, your on your feet all night. Get good insoles. Danners are brill, but the DS equivalent of Jimmy Choos. Matterhorn are equally good but both turn in between £150-200.
Try the old classic ProBoot. turns in between £60-80. They last for ever,
sooo comfortable, a budget Danner in reality.
Dont need breaking in. Deep lace casing gives brilliant snug support.
Best value boot ever and I've been at this 30 odd years.
i wear magnums have done all my time on the doors. i hear what people say about the comfort but i have the magnum 3d insoles which i think they've stopped making. this has taken them to a whole other level