ESA (european security academy) Poland


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I'm new to this kind of work although i am working as a security guard in "high risk invironment" at the Antwerp Diamond area have an goverment approved weapon carry permit for well known security company. I'm looking to broaden my experiance in this kind of work and planning on taking the ESA CPO course.
And hopefully find a job on the side in this kind of work preverably all over the world as Belgium has a verry low job opportunity in this kind of work.
The course they have is a 2 week lvl 3 cpo course and i also would follow the 3 day FPOS course and after i would apply for a SIA license as i understand that many companies ask you to have such a license. Tho this license doesn't mean nothing in Belgium.

Now the questions i have.
Is this the right course for me to follow.
Is it worth it?
What would be the chance to actually find a job in this area of work high risk/low risk.
What kind of jobs would qualify by taking this course.

Does the SIA accept the Belgium security law, meaning: to become a security guard in Belgium we have to get a BG check for criminal history, this is done by homeland security/Goverment.
We also have to have a FPOS permit but this is nothing compared to the FPOS course of the ESA.
And most important, is it possible for me to apply for a SIA license as i am not a UK citizen.

That's it for now i think maybe more question come to mind later in this thread.

Thanks in advance