Ex-RM, Spanish-speaker, CP/EP & Marsec- Looking for Christmas/New Year work


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Hi Guys- Festive greetings to all,

I recently had a contract in Nigeria postponed/cancelled (after a long wait)- as we all know "There's no Security in Security" ;-) and as a result find myself with a somewhat urgent need to start earning again- before Christmas if at all possible!

As you would expect of an X-RM (PW3(S), I maintain physical fitness as a priority and take pride in being a completely trustworthy individual- capable of being entrusted with the safety and security of two Ambassadors and several senior-Military Officers, for example CP & EP).

Apart from also being a qualified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and having been employed in many 'Hazardous Environments' such as; Kuwait, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Honduras, Guatemala, Russia and Nigeria, I also speak Spanish fluently, study Portuguese and teach both; Weapons Training and Close Quarter Combat (CQC).

During the last 4-years I have demonstrated my multiple strengths and capabilities in positions ranging from Security Project Manager to Close Protection Team Leader (CPTL) and Maritime Security Officer (MSO)- the latter role had me providing Counter-Piracy in the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden, East of Africa and also within the waterways of Nigeria.

Should you have a requirement for my services, whether just for the Christmas/New Year period or for longer, please contact me either via this site or through my Linked-In profile, or my own website at www.tsics-t6.com.

I am completely prepared to travel anywhere worldwide and am particularly interested in Residential Security Team (RST) in Spain- as a relocation is currently being considered.

Kind regards

John S. Martinez


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Don't have anything mate, but just wanted to say that was a great intro/shout out for work!
A hundred times better that the usual 'Gis a job' half assed shouts that lads put up.
Take note, everyone