Ex-sailor looking to getting on cp circuit


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Hi im an ex-sailor thinking about doing a cp course. I served 5 and half years in the RN with deployments to afghanistan and iraq. What im wanting to know is will i have problems getting onto the cp/maritime security circuit compared to someone who has served in the army/raf/marines. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Serously mate, i'd think long and hard before you spend your cash on a cp course at the moment. It has been mentioned before on other posts and i'm sure it'll be mentioned again. There are a great many of seasoned CPO's who are struggling to find employment at the moment, not only that, but Iraq is winding down. Both Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere abroad, the wages are taking a paggering with many of the security companies. If I were you, I'd think about doing something else. What branch are you in?

As for the maritime side of things, many on here will tell you the same. There was an upsurge of employment but it has gone on the slide a bit of late. My advice would be to opt for something else. Also it depends what you actually want to do in the security industry and where you want to work, HE, UK etc. The industry is massively over subscribed and alot of the jobs in the UK are paying a pittance, compared with what they were paying for the same job last year.

I'm sure there will be lots of other advice given mate, but i'd give it a wide berth. If you do land a decent gig out of this industry though, doing plumbing or building, give me a shout and i'll do a swap draft with you.


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Bandook I think its time you crack out that brown suit mate. I agree with you mate you sould look a different options, dont put all your eggs in one basket or it could bite you in the arse :eek:


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Chriscp, did you come out of a trade branch or as a seaman?

The RFA are looking for bodies and I have seen quite a few merchant jobs around.


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sorry ive took so long to reply. was in the warfare branch. thanks for all your advice fellas.


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save ur time and ur money been there done that.herefordcp etc.employers dont even regard cp courses highly.u have to have in country exp 2 deployments 6yrs army min quals mate.u might be better than some guys in iraq who got work i am .dosnt matter have to have formal resume.


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Im in the same boat as you pal, Been looking around the net and hearing these dits about folk on 5k+ PER week?
Do these jobs actually exist?