Executive protection course's.


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Guy's i apologise in advance if this topic has been discussed on here in the past, help would be much appreciated.

Im looking to get into executive protection and been reading so many posts on here, all have been very helpfull.
i was planning on using my ressetlement package for the Ronin SA course,
however after research from the many forums believe that this is not the course to take for the domestic side of the CP World (UK based work). Am i wrong???

In other peoples opinion which provider would best suit my route?
i have read many posts on ANUBIS, LONGMOOR, REGAL,MORRIGANS are these the providers i should be looking at or was my first instinct correct.

I do not mind paying the extra cash if its going to give me the best training, but on the same note i dont want to fly across the world if i have a great provider on my door step.

Can anyone push me in the direction of the best provider for me???


Are you in the UK or Tampa? Sexton Executive Security has a Personal protection Specialist program in the states (sextonsecurity.com), but the reviews of the guys you mentioned are excellant.

i am currently serving my last 6 months of service for Royal Marines in Tampa.
Not a bad way to finish up in the Corps, wish i could stay but the job is finishing. Hey such is life. some of the course's ive looked into over this side of the pond insist on you being a American citzen or legal alien which i am not, i am here on Nato travel order. Is this the case for all?
Ah, civviestreet, we just comleted a 7 day class in SanDiego but 2 or instructors actully live in Florida. One actually in your back yard there. We are actually working on a contract to train the Casino of the Seminoles. Let me know your approximate deployment date and maybe we can get you into a class.

Thanks for all the Info however im looking to gain my SIA license and dont believe that this course will provide me with that qual.