Ez All....


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Ez All....

Got my SIA badge last year, worked as a security guard at a local event for a couple of months and more recently have started working as a Bouncer.

On my 4th shift a colleague was head butted and punched...and then had some angry customer waiting at the exit to confront the bouncer, claiming he has been abusive and knocked his phone out of his hand.

This was kind of worrying, but I remained calm [4am and the bright light of a mobile shining in my face] listened to the guy and went on my way best I could.

And tonight at closing time, after asking a customer to finish his drink on the way to the door, he then went to another table and carried on drinking....you get the picture. You explain the situation and the customer becomes aggressive and abusive , who do you think you are etc.

Thought I was doing ok saying...The same person you think you are...

But, No.....The drink was in and the wit was out

And he then said, if you had left us alone we would of left of our own accord.

This I do not get, as it's part of my function to politely ask people to make your way to the exit and you can finish your drinks or leave them at the door.

I know I'm right in doing that but at the same time I feel this guy is taking the piss by deliberately being difficult and he was completely out of order....

So I'm hoping to get a better insight into dealing with the public and managing difficult situations like this avoiding conflict.