Fecking Syria false-flag again


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There appear to be no depths that the PTB will not go to when it comes to getting their own way in Syria.
First they've been backing the FSA with wpns/ funding (and unofficially with blokes) since the "civil war" started.
Secondly they told the world that Assad had gassed a large amount of civvies.
This also fell flat on it's face as the gen pop is very aware of being scammed when it came to Iraq/Afghan (not so much with Libya though).
It seems that their latest ploy that Assad's guys had fired on the Irish UN contingent was also a made-up event.
Why can't they just leave Syria alone and as this western-backed coup is really damaging their credibility, but hey, it's only civvies being killed so what's the big deal?
LiveLeak.com - U.N plot to blame Assad foiled! The UN said Assad attacked Irish peacekeeping Soldiers on Golan... Now known lie!


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It's bad beyond belief. Have never seen anything like this.
I guess the PTB believe that no-one really gives a sh** about Syria, and so they can pretty much kick the political football around as much as they want.

This is gonna' come back to haunt us.
I have never seen Al Qaeda so close to achieving their lifelong dream (WMD) as they are right now.

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