Find Madeleine.


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On Thursday May 3rd 2007 Madeleine Mc Cann went missing from the Algarve region in Portugal. This year is the fourth year of her disappearance. The London Metropolitian Police have announced that they will look into the case following a request from Madeleine's parents to David Cameron. On your travels please keep Madeleine in mind. A notable identification feature is a coloboma in her right eye. The pupil runs into the iris in the form of a radial black strip reaching from the pupil out to the edge of the white. Roughly at the 7 o' clock position.
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UK police dogs track a deathbody in the Mcanns hotel room at that time .
They go dinner with freinds and seams they give some kind of sleep drugs to the childreen .
A very drunk dinner 10 people .
One theory is Madeleine wake up under the drugs effect fall down broke her head and die .
Evrything apoint her fathers hide the body .
Investigation at that time come under extreme political pression .
Criminal police case investigation team as seperate under high political figures orders.
Lead investigation inspector leave the force under extreme pression because he don't play with central goverment politic to this case .
Gordon Brown ( former UK PM ) assistance trun Mac Canns speaker .
That Mc Cann couple is no more welcome to Praia da Luz , Algarve ,Portugal genearal population very angry with then .
They avoid the lead inspector releaze a book abaut some facts from this case .
That Mc Cann couple have one hour gap and they refuse explain to the police abaut it .
But traffic cameras record Mc Cann rent car drive to Spain direction .
Oh UK police dogs also detect deathbody smel in that same car .
Why the Mc Canns call first to UK media before they call to portuguese police to report the little girl "disapear" ?
Seams that couple have good political conections in UK and have some kind of protection .
Again shame on you!
Madeleine is a money maker machine for that two people !
It seems the oldest European alliance is still active .


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Was there a grassy knoll, maybe she'll be found there.
Till that child is found, no one can be sure what happened.
There are many debates about the rites and wrongs and the whys and wherefores of the case.
If the family had been working class and not doctors, then neglect charges would have been brought.
Why not take the even younger children.
Too much rumour and congecture to get to the truth.

So while its not solved, sure keep a wary eye out for the poor waif.
and watch over your own with greater care than this pair did.
The child has all my sympathy, but not this careless, selfish pair.
And please don't say it was a mistake, it was disgraceful, and I've never known me or mine to do such a thing.


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My family live in the same village as the mccanns, in fact my auntie is practically their neighbour. Locally support for the pair has really declined into almost nothing recently. Although the church still includes maddy on the prayer list and some locals will say hello the general consensus has become one of disgust for their recent actions. Their surviving children are living a very sad and disjointed life cared for by hired help. I think they could also raise awareness of other childrens' plights whilst doing publicity and raising funds ... It is alll very sad indeed and Rothley has been put in the spotlight for a tragic reason and I suspect things will never be the same.


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When was the last time 90% of us looked at the Missing persons forum.
In fact I'm glad you mentioned it, as I'll have a look now.
Do we get feed back on any persons detected or found.
Otherwise it all becomes a bit despairing, without hearing about of the odd success.


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I wonder how many other British kids, not to mention kids from other countries who have gone missing in this time that the media have not so much given a line to?


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I was not aware of the missing persons forum. The comments provide plenty of food for thought. Yes there is a clear case of negligence on the part of the parents but for the sake of the child all options should be kept opened. I personally don't subscribe to giving money to the Mc Canns, I just keep an eye out for Madeleine when I go abroad. People within the security sector travel extensively and to places that are far removed from the usual tourist trails so it is another opportunity to at least try to locate her if she is still alive. All other missing person cases should not be overshadowed by this one case, every case should be reviewed with vigour periodically.
It can be a bit depressing if we do not get feed back on missing person cases, it is good to receive updates especially if there is a successful outcome. I only know of one success a number of years ago involving an Irish child. She was successfully reunited with her father after being forceably removed from Ireland by her mother and taken to a part of Turkey where she was living an unhappy existence. A four man team traced the child at the behest of the father and took her home safely.
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Perhaps its me, but i get a lttle annoyed when someone is releasing a book and in the same week, they are splashed all over the press having waited all this time before writing to the PM.

It is dificult to put yourself in the position of a parent who has lost a child not knowing what has happened, and often the press do not put things over as accurately as they could or should as its their job to sell newspapers and news reals. However, as has already been stated, the vast majority would never have left young children alone in the UK let alone in a foreign country whilst wining and dining with others unless the kids were sleeping in the upstairs bedroom of the same address as the dinner or in a room next to the room where the dinner is.

There are questions to be asked and answers to be obtained, but for the sake of the child, i hope that some answers re forth coming and that this child is found soon. As to the current state of the child, then one can only assume what may have happened and wonder what happened
That little girl die at her parents hands .
UK police dogs spot deadbody smell at they hotel room and rent car at that moment.
Mabe this fact never come public at UK but is what happen.
Why so much politic pression from UK ( PM office ) to Portugal ?
Mabe this time Cameron let the police work .
PS- Lead investigator inspector only make the book when the case is close not at investigation time or when still a open case .
What he expose is the political presure to the portuguese criminal police and that couple don't help a lot the police its all .


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I thought it was just me Starlight, can't find my glasses, where I put that winning lottery ticket or my keys, and now the MISPER section.
I thought I'd come to that men in the white coats moment.
Yes it was discussed ages ago, but her book and PM request has rekindled the interest and profits !!!!!!
I wonder did Social services in the UK ever look into the family structure, and do they still monitor them, as would be the case in many similar abandonment incidents.


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Yep, looks like the MISPER forum has become just another statistic of the times - missing but probably out there somewhere. If only it would phone just to let me know it's OK? At least I'd know one way or another. Maybe I'd be able to sleep at night then.

In all seriousness, the misper forum wouldn't have just helped find missing/abducted kids and vulnerable people, it could have put CPW on the map in the eyes of the general public. Shame that this particular subject isn't considered important enough to keep going.
Read through this carefully. The k9 intel is interesting.
A question of making up your own minds as to what occured that night.

The PJ's Final Report & The Archiving Dispatch


'One day the TRUTH will find a way out.'

PJ final report is not made from the first investigation team .
Is made from team the political power choose .
Under Portuguese law the parents did not care for their children such as leave them alone to go to dinner with some friends and something bad happening to children is a crime of negligence.
Well if this couple had no protection policy would be serving a sentence in a jail in Portugal like any other criminal.
British press constantly criticized the competence of the research team of the judicial police.
The Chief Inspector You have requested support from the British police sungundo bringing their dogs the best of the British police.
But it seems that these dogs have worked too well for the taste of British political power at the time.


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Starlight, i am keeping an open mind

However, i do think that there is one mode of investigation and interview that has not yet been used, but that involves Mole Grips, Baseball Bats, scalpels and hydrogen peroxide.

I fear that until those methods are applied, we may wait many many years to learn more in this case.