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Guys +Girls, has the question been asked about having a get together so we have the opportunity to meet fellow Operators and members of this forum, or is it the wishes of the forum to stay anonym? I apologize if this is an old question but it might have already been raised before my time if so sorry for old news.
No i think its a good idea putting names to faces if you can trust the poeple on here those will come who are genuine the rest well thay dont deserve the time of day !!!!
I don't think that the question has been asked before and may I wish you good luck with whatever you decide guys decide to do?

I just wanted to express this though...

Anonymity and Trust?...One has nothing to do with the other.
I think it's a good idea, putting names to faces etc, opsec would have to be observed of course, organising it so not just any Tom Dick or Harry can show up, organise it like a swingers party or something...................not that I would know anything about that sort of thing!!!
Heno...I think secretly that you do mate (that's the swingers party) perhaps you would be good enough to PM me the details?

Thanking you in anticipation...LOL
I wouldn't do that to you mate, you go to these things with all the anticipation of a 15 year old boy about to pop his cherry and then reality kicks you in the gonads with the force of donkey.
Your keys go in the bowl and then the horror kicks in as the big lump that looks like a feminist blacksmith and has the kind of stubble that George Micheal can only dream of, picks up your keys, jingling them, she makes eye contact with you (well, with one eye at least, the other is staring widly into space) and with a deep growl says "come on love, momma wanna play....."
Ah such beauties Heno... cant beat a swamp donkey mate...

Anyways regarding the question of attending a get together v trust etc ... I am not sure I agree , some of the waltish threads, posts and job offers recently would make me skeptical about joining any such piss up... imagine having to sit next to the Turkish Job king???

No thanks , I would be more worried about who would turn up personally!!!

Nice idea in principle though.... Serbia is a little too far away to take the beer scooter .... I will remain and drink my lonely 80p pints and smoke my 90p ciggies!!
80p pints???!!! That's it then, the get together should be in Serbia!

Having it Serbia it should rule out the walts from going, as I don't think that any of hat ilk would be allowed out that late/that far and if they do, they can regail us with tales of derring do and keep us entertained.

They could tell astory, and we could try and guess which Andy McNab, Chris Ryan..etc book they "borrowed" thier story from.
Doubt many of the walts could find Serbia mate... most think it is in Russia and has salt mines close by!!!

Fancy dress it tis then shakes .... I reckon BG might be taken though ... no one is ever original !!!
face to face.....

Did someone mention fancy dress party? Then I'm in, I'll come as a bodyguard.

Lads and Lasses,

I'm totally up for a wee get together..!!! Could be good business...!!! If it were possible we could all chip in and hire somewhere which suits everybody (that's Thailand for me) lol...

Let's make it happen..!!!

Mick is being less than honest bless his cottons, beers gone up to 82 p a pint and ciggies are now 91p........ a bloody liberty is what it is!!

Mind you last time mick bought one probably was still 80p......
I think it will be a good idea, I will wear the red rose on my left breast pocket, codeword will be "the sun will shine tomorrow" :D answer "its rain again" :cool:
come on morrigan
your bein a wee bit hard on mick and his strawberrry blonde beard :Dhe bought me at least 2 pints last month
but how dare they put the prices up??
mjay..... im gutted. You sure mick put his hand in his pocket?!! missed it....and i was watching closely!! maybe it was someone else's pocket......

is strawberry blonde the same as ginge?!!
no im sure it was his pocket and he swears its strawberry blonde (let him win this one me thinks hes upset, lol!!!)
strawberry blonde is what all ginners say their hair/ beard/ other facial hair is....... it makes them feel better about actually being a ginner, and lets them hold their ginger heads up with some pride. We all know that they are ginger, but generally you allow it to slide, as if they are trying to deny their gingerness by saying its strawberry blonde, at least they are aware of the shame of being a ginner and are trying to lead a better life
yer wee doll

Hang on there Annie...!!!

Yon photo of your wee doll is a proper ginger..!!!!!


Now, back to the beginning of the topic. Is anybody seriously interested in a venue, meeting or just a good old fashioned session...?? I'm back in Europe for a while (hence can attend) and think it would be a very beneficial operation to put faces to names, network...etc...



P.S. Perhaps the forum can hire a few door staff members to keep apart those who have slated eachother on the