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France summons U.S. ambassador over spying report


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May 31, 2009
(Reuters) - France summoned the U.S. ambassador on Monday after Le Monde newspaper reported the huge scale of alleged American spying on French citizens, with Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius calling the revelations unacceptable.

Le Monde said the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) recorded 70.3 million items of French telephone data between December 10, 2012 and January 8, 2013 and had collected tens of thousands of French phone records.

Its targets appeared to be individuals suspected of links to terrorism, but also people tied to French business or politics, the paper said. ..... Read Full Article


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Nov 1, 2008
This should be an accepted calculation when nations ask other nations for assistance. Instead a few nationalist get their feelings hurt that they could have been recorded whilst another nation has used their own Defense budget & assets to do the nationalist job for them.

Solution, release all known terrorist & criminals in France where US Intelligence was involved in making an arrest. Just let them out, clear what ever issue landed them in jail from their record. Reason, it is the United States fault for not making their own calculations and actually trusting a nation to be grateful for such assets surrendered to their nation. In other terms a little less PC, the US didn't think France would be a p*ssy about doing their job for them when they asked for help.

All these nations who ask or depend on US Intelligence either need to do it them selves or shut the hell up when some government official is caught with their pants down. These nations take all the credit when arrests are made and do not mention assets coming from the UK or US, they build all this false confidence amongst their own people and then turn and bite the hand that feeds them.

It would be a nice day if the US would pull all their assets back to the US, no outside business, no outside government operations, just a holiday for one year. That includes all the EU based & foreign owned companies who fall under ITAR like FAG Aerospace. Just lock it down, other nations do not need the money because their economies are doing SO great, they do not need government services because their country has everything under control, and it is clear that they do not need any kind of relationship since they always back stab.

Sure would be funny if the US turned the tables and released the fact that this country asked for help, but when a single nationalist got caught up this nationalist decided his persec was more important than his nations homeland security because it could ruin his marriage. The US plays dirty but they are not going to mirror the coward countries who do this.

This may come as a shock to some but nations SPY, it happens, get over it. The US was not caught spying, hell they where invited to perform these services.

France now needs to dismantle their National Geospatial Intelligence program since the US built that for them and trained their people how to use it as well.

The article briefly mentioned Germany as well. For some crazy reason Germany keeps getting put into this picture too. They do tend to leave out Australia, Great Britain and Russia and just place blame all on the US. For the Germans, what nation has ever done to Germany on a 10th of a scale of what Germany has done to it self? When since the 1400's has Germany not been at war or in some kind of conflict, excluding present day because they are still occupied with foreign troops.

Kill all the jews in the world, but park incorrectly in that country and the nation feels they need answers. Here is an answer, F*ck Germany, the real Germans left that country long ago and the rest of you retards would not understand the sacrifices needed for democracy. Your Wall should have been built around the entire country. A lazy worthless nation that needed millions of Turks to rebuild it for them, after it was built they had more of a right to live their than you Mix Breed Rejected Eastern Europeans. Your dialects are nothing than a lazy uneducated version of Ebonix dating back to your religious revolts against the church and yet there is a forced 11% church tax. YOU ALL CAN NOT BE TRUSTED; THIS IS WHY YOU ARE TAPPED.


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Oct 3, 2012
"Le Monde said the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) recorded 70.3 million items of French telephone data"

going through 70 million phone messages is a bit excessive. if they wanted Marion Cotillard's texts - they could have just asked me. i do have CALL FORWARDING. But I'm not sending them any more bl**dy pictures - to heck with that.

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