France have a big problem with immigration and African/Muslim immigrants.

The police are useless and all the options have been used up, the French government now uses "La politique de L'autruche" Ostrich politics, bury your head in the sand.

They hide all these people in blocks of flats on the outskirts of Paris hoping the problem will go away and that maybe tourists won't notice the problems France faces.
In some years time, problems will be more than big.

The government has no more idead of what to come up with.
It is so bad that French people now have to put videos on the internet asking French people to please wake up to this before it is too late, they even went all the way to putting pictures of history and telling on the video to the french people that france had great fighters before and real warriors but now the french have become cowards (all this is what it says on the video)


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So even the french are admitting it now, not the government of course, no government anywhere wants to admit to a growing problem, especially without a solution. It's gonna take some tough decisions and sooner or later they are going to have to face up to the fact, that the way of life in our countries is under threat.
The longer it's left, the harder and more draconian the solution will have to be.
Paris like Britain has allowed the arab terrorists and ner do wells, to live with impunity in our countries, and they are suprised when these rabid dogs turn and bite them.
It will take a brave leader, to make the hard call, and right now any where in Europe, I don't see such a man, too busy creaming the wealth off to pay attention to the real issues that trouble us.
Wasn't there some major riots about a year ago concerning this area.


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France presents an interesting model. Theyve had huge amounts of immigrants propping up thier economy for years -hence the riots 2005 - Wonkypeadia reference
This will be a route th Uk will follow in coming years. Good to see how it pans out?