FREC 3 course

Hello I am seriously comtemplating this course. What are the realistic oppurtunites for some form of work after getting the L3 in FREC.
I have been looking at a number of these as complete change of career and ideally a great foundation for future goals, the forces in an ideal world. Plus the address on the link is literally walking distance from where I work.
Just an informed idea really is what I would like to know as most organisations iquarus, promotheus and 10 others. Are businesses at the end of the day and would say what they want most potential customers want to hear. For example I was told I would walk in to employment with it but then I was told I would need the L4 and even L5 to be successfully employed.
There are various WhatsApp groups dedicated to job opportunities for medically-trained operators. In these groups, you'll frequently find postings for roles that require a FREC 3 qualification or higher.

These positions usually correlates with the level of qualification you hold. So if you're certified at a higher FREC level, you can typically expect better pay rates.

These WhatsApp groups serve as excellent platforms for those looking to advance your medical careers or seeking new employment opportunities in the field.