Free FPOS course back in the hat.


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Due to upcoming commitments I will not be able to claim my prize and attend the First Line Response FPOS course.

I am very happy to donate my place to another CPW forum member, enjoy!:D

Thanks to Shawn for donating a place on the course and once again to all at CPW as it was through this website that I gained employment in the first instance!

Best regards



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This is probably going to sound like a SFQ but when will the draw take place for this course and what size hat is it!


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hi there is this still avaliable or did someone grab it already?

If it was the chances of you getting it are none, due to the fact you havn't got the decency to fill out your profile or introduce yourself to the group. You come on here first post asking for a free course.


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Good luck to the lucky person

I done my FPOS few weeks back with the fire service all payed for by them. You will enjoy the course
Well done G Lock Hopeyour other commitments go well


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From nearly 2 years ago..... I doubt it!

Love the way new people come in and just try for freebys and jobs! Good networking there and love the politeness.....