Full Proof?


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I was wondering if anyone had any dealings with a company called FullProof Surveillance
or FullProof Intel
or FullProof Training

The CEO goes by the name of Mark Hill Wood but has used numerous other names over the last decade (Mark Cas, Mark Castley, Phillip Buffett) each carrying with it a different conviction for fraud like defrauding olympic athletes prior to the 2012 games, luxury goods from Harrods and other 'get rich quick' scams. I also believe he had threatened CP World with legal action to do with another company "Uber Intelligence"

Now I personally haven't had any dealings with him or his companies but given he's been described in the press as "Walter Mitty type fraudster' and he's now pretending to be former SIS and offering all sorts of training, I thought it might be worthwhile enquiring here?


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Never met the man but heard a lot about him,hopefully someone can investigate this latest company and sort him out legally



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I like a good clever con now and then, as long as they are not on little old lady's (or similar) as they most often play on the greed of others. If it sounds like it's too good to be true, it probably isn't. With most having access to the Internet and at least Google, spend an hour or three, looking up the person, and what may appear to be a scam. Check, Check, Check before parting with a cheque.
Now, PM me as I have a scheme that if you don't put money in immediately, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. IT CAN'T FAIL! Would I lie to you?


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Just a friendly observation, can anyone kindly tell me why they spell foolproof that way?
Think that is correct?
The quote was fullproof.

If you go to the quoted web pages and look at the coding of them, you should find much of it interesting.
Try CTL and U to open the page coding.


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I have had dealings with uber and Phil buffet.
When I first left the army and looking for my foot on the ladder he offered me
A chance to get a job on a CP team with company car and what have you me and a couple of mates thought it was gen he said to give him 500 for training and witch we would get back
Me and my mate thought to risk it gave him the money.
After that we were told that we would all meet up at there HQ in London were we would go through some training and then be selected. Well me and my mates smelt a fish and what ever emails were sent by us aw received from him sent them to each other. Things like asking about the money training a so on then I was told I was not going to be selected dew to an email id sent
And my mate was told he wouldn't be selected dew to have 3 points on he licence and the we would have our money back about 3 weeks later we had our refunds but.