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Oct 29, 2007
Hi all,

New to this forum. Little bit about myself.

Served RAF Police 1983 to 1996. Where I served in mostly security orientated units, including special convoy's.

I attended the Task International 28 day C.P. course as resettlement on leaving, but despite coming 2nd on the course I made many attampts to find work, but only managed to get some minor retail security jobs working in M&S while an application to join the civilian Police was going through. I served in North Wales Police for a short time but became dissalusioned with mounds of paperwork, I left them and found a secure job in IT, which I am still doing today.

In the mean time, I have since served with the TA (Royal Welch Fusiliers), and after my unit was shut down after cut backs, I joined the Royal Navy (Reserves), where I still serve a communications (CIS) specialist.

Little dissalusioned with life at the moment, bored and facing an impending crisis at home, I am looking to enter the world of Protection again, so that I can give myself some added financial security.

I am being deployed next year in my Reserves capacity (March to Sep to the gulf). I am looking for anything after that. Idealy would be good to get a short contract to over my 6 week leave period when I return from the gulf in Sept 08. However I know it's not that easy, but that's what would be good for me in an ideal world

I currently Keep myself fit and compete in triathlon.

Thats about it really,

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