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This is a report From: Memoori Business Intelligence Ltd
on the Global Market for Security Products.

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Global Market for Security Products Worth $23.4 Billion in 2013, Predicts Memoori Research
11/11/2013 | 10:19am US/EasternRecommend: 0 Memoori publishes a new report on the global security products market in 2013, forecasting to 2017; which brings together all the factors that influence this industries future.

The total value of world production of security products at factory gate prices in 2013 was $23.4 billion. Of this Video Surveillance products at $12.2 billion took a 52% share.

Combined product sales grew by 8% during the year with growth in the Video Surveillance sector achieving 12%. It is the growth in IP Video Surveillance at around 30% that has made the major contribution and pushed up the demand for security equipment.

Memoori's report shows that the industry is wringing out more sales and investment dollars than could be expected given the poor trading conditions across the globe. It's robust performance is not the direct result of increased concern about crime and terrorism but is also due to the fact that the industry is delivering products and services that meet customer value propositions such as increasing productivity and reducing operating costs whilst delivering ROI.

The report also shows that acclimatizing to a rapidly changing business environment, reshaped by fast moving technology and new competitors from outside the traditional business leveraging their own expertise, will require clear vision of the present and future business opportunities and skilful implementation of appropriate strategies.

About the Report

At 213 pages with 23 charts and tables, The Physical Security Business in 2013 report filters out all the important conclusions, supported with facts, as to what is shaping the future of the security industry. You can learn more at the reports website; The Physical Security Business in 2013 | Memoori

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