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Close Protection World have agreed to publish the following statement. We have been intouch with South Yorkshire Police and spoke with the OIC who has confirmed that no Criminal charges were brought.

Should members have any issues with GRSG Paris, we would suggest contacting them via the email address below. If you are not satisfied with the outcome we would suggest then getting further advice from your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

Statement from Global Risk Security Group, Paris.
1st September 2009.

Over the past 2 years a campaign has been waged against this company by one or two individuals, this eventually resulted in a lengthy Police investigation into our business practices. We are happy to confirm that the investigation by the Police and correct authorities in the UK, and via the international bodies concerned have confirmed that GRSG has neither broken any laws or committed any business practices that contravened regulations or laws in the territories in which we operate.

The main argument our partnership was a small charge that was made for
registration with our company for employment, we stand by the charge that was made, and although accepting it was not standard industry practice, we made this charge, legally, and all persons registering for employment with us were advised of the charge, what it meant and were advised not to apply should they be unwilling to agree to the fee (this was clearly stated on both our website and communications with prospective applicants to register)
A vicious campaign of slander launched by one individual based in Nottingham, and by a company, based in Bournemouth (both in the UK) led to the loss of two contracts that resulted in a small number of people not being able to undertake a contract with this company, over the next 2 months we shall be writing to all these people and resolving, hopefully happily to both sides any outstanding issues. We sincerely apologise for not contacting these hardworking members of the security community, we could not, legally, while outstanding issues were awaiting resolution.

The two individuals mentioned above, are now under serious investigation by Police forces in the United Kingdom for ‘harassment’ and other serious alleged crimes.

We understand, as do others, that in some cases, Chinese whispers can overtake issues, however our company, a successfully trading business, has been called everything from ‘fraudsters’ ‘Nigerian Crooks’ to ‘Con-men’ and the favoured quote of ‘Walter Mittys’

Threats, direct and implied have been made to the Partners and Staff (both in
person) and via various web-postings.
We are delighted that we have been fully exonerated of any wrongdoing, and now that those who made this situation what it became, will now face the full force of the law.
We wish to place on record our thanks to Close Protection world UK for the
communications they had with us on this matter.
We will contact all those who did not enter employment with us and seek to find employment over the next few months, or resolve to settle any financial issues resulting from missed employment with us.


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